P2 Energy Solutions

Manager, Software Development

I started at P2 working in the Beyond Compliance division where I designed and implemented the WITS module for tracking workplace incidents. I eventually moved into a management role where I led a large team of developers, business analysts and quality analysts to develop a common mobility platform called Stratus.

As a manager, I helped implement Agile best-practices: backlog grooming, planning poker, user stories, iterations, capacity planning, etc. This was particularly challenging as the team was required to support simultaneous products.

Building an internal platform involved working closely with product managers to align the platform architecture with product roadmaps. The team successfully delivered a common mobility platform, upon which we build three significant new products:

P2 Land Broker:

Mobile web application used to support lease acquisition activities by brokers working in the field. http://www.p2energysolutions.com/p2-land-broker 

P2 AFE Mobile:

Mobile web application to enable balloting and approval workflows via mobile devices. http://www.p2energysolutions.com/p2-afe

P2 eVIN Mobile:

Advanced field data capture solution that features robust configurability, offline-sync and integration with SCADA and production accounting systems.